Vitamins of the B complex: the foods that provide them

Although a balanced diet provides all the necessary nutrients it is important to know what foods are those that provide us with greater amounts of vitamin B to avoid deficiencies. These foods should be the basis of your daily diet. Much is said about the importance of B vitamins for the body. But do you

The best foods to promote lung function

Although we almost never relate it, eating a proper diet is essential to promote lung function. Consuming certain foods will help us achieve it more easily. Food is essential not only to fulfill the functions of the digestive system. In fact, everything we eat impacts our body , including the lungs. In relation to this,

Foods that reduce the anxiety of eating

The anxiety to eat is a problem that makes us consume unhealthy foods and many sugars. Fruits and vegetables, oats or legumes are ideal options so that your body does not look for a fast satiety. It has happened to all of us at some time in our lives that we feel an uncontrollable desire

Healthy protein shakes to add to the diet

Although protein shakes are an appropriate option to obtain a nutrient bonus it is always advisable to have the advice of a professional to help us find the quantities we need. The proteins are a fundamental base of our feeding, since to these elements we owe the regeneration and the maintenance of all the tissues

How you can prevent intestinal dysbiosis by eating a balanced diet

A disorderly lifestyle and eating can bring many complications in the health of individuals. Intestinal dysbiosis is one of them, and here we explain what it is. The intestinal dysbiosis is a disease related to an imbalance of the bacteria lactobacilli and bifidobacteria that are housed in the intestines, in the so-called intestinal natural flora.

7 Ways to increase your physical activity easily

Performing at least 150 minutes of moderate physical activity per week brings great benefits to our health over time. Increasing your daily physical activity will allow you to enjoy good health. To get the benefits of physical activity is not necessary to sign up for a gym or maintain a routine that takes a lot

6 home remedies to relieve stomach pain naturally

Fortunately, thanks to the qualities of some natural ingredients, we can prepare a series of home remedies that allow us to treat stomach pain in a harmless way. Stomach pain is a symptom of different diseases or the consequence of a sensitivity to certain stimuli. In general, it is accompanied by inflammation, gas and a

6 sports activities that help you overcome stress

Sports activities, always adapted to our possibilities, are an ideal way to combat and overcome stress, as they favor the production of endorphins and help us to relax. All people are stressed, is a common feature in humans. However, there are several healthy alternatives to overcome stress, and exercise is one of them. In theory,

How to recover the microbiota if you consume antibiotics

The microbiota is very important for the balance and good functioning of the body. After a treatment with antibiotics it can be altered and it is fundamental to recover its stability to avoid major problems. During the use of antibiotics, the bacterial population found in the intestines is significantly altered . Once the treatment is

Do you have constant migraines? Possible causes and solutions

To avoid constant migraines it is essential to learn to identify their possible triggers, since each person will have their own triggers of the symptoms, and avoid them as much as we can. Nowadays, with the hustle and bustle of daily routine, it is normal for many people to see their stress reflected in different