7 Ways to increase your physical activity easily

Performing at least 150 minutes of moderate physical activity per week brings great benefits to our health over time.

Increasing your daily physical activity will allow you to enjoy good health. To get the benefits of physical activity is not necessary to sign up for a gym or maintain a routine that takes a lot of time.

Maybe the fact of exercising seems motivating, or, uninteresting. Our routine may prevent us from training in a gym several hours a day.

Regardless of what the opinion or circumstance is, performing at least 150 minutes of moderate physical activity per week brings great benefits to our health over time.

This is evidenced by a study carried out on middle-aged people, concluding that when performing physical activity for a period of six years, it reduces the risk of premature death in the future.

There are many simple ways to increase our daily dose of physical activity, and without realizing that we are doing it, giving the body a better performance and, of course, a better state of health. Let’s see some of these ways:

Take a walk

The benefits of walking are numerous. There is research that has shown that our life expectancy can be prolonged, depending on the pace at which we walk. Furthermore, if we take it as a daily physical activity .

We can then walk from our house to work, if it is close to us. Choose your favorite: take a walk with friends for a weekend, in the park or in the mountains. It is only necessary half an hour of walking a day.

Riding a bicycle

Taking a daily walk, or moving from home to work, on a bicycle, can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. In addition, it tones and strengthens our legs, and allows us to lose weight.

This type of activity, along with other aerobic activities, can help fight aging . You can then start by taking a daily bike ride that lasts no more than 20 minutes, 4 to 6 times a week.

Use an anti-stress ball

Either at the moment of sitting on the computer, or checking the cell phone for a while, or lying down watching television. All this can be accompanied by the use of an anti-stress ball in the hands.

Anti-stress balls help improve circulation, treat rheumatoid arthritis, relieve stress , stimulate nerves, and give strength to the wrist and fingers.

Best of all, it can be done at any time of the day, and it is quite entertaining.

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Do chores or domestic activities

It can keep the body active and increase physical activity doing daily chores, and even more when you have plenty of free time or leisure. Therefore, it is advisable to sweep, wash or mop the house.

If we accompany these activities with a bit of our favorite music, that makes us dance, the safest thing is that we end up burning some calories without realizing it.

Spend time with your children

Children have a lot of energy to do various activities . And in this case, if we have children, we can then accompany them to play for a while, be it a soccer game, baseball or swimming in the pool for a while.

All this improves our spirits and increases our routine of physical activity necessary to keep us healthy. It’s just a matter of taking a little time to share with them.

Go shopping at the supermarket to increase your physical activity

Generally, many choose to go a weekend to buy food and utensils at the supermarket with their own car.

Inside the supermarket, they usually ask for a cart to place the things they buy. Well, we can change this routine. We can go to the market without the car, and if we are close to home, go walking.

Once inside, we ask for a basket to load the purchased products. Back home we can bring what we have bought in bags, distributing the weight in each arm.

Carry our things and implements differently

If you are one of those who usually walk a long stretch and carry things in a backpack on your back , then change the place where you usually wear them. For example, you can carry the backpack loaded with your right hand for fifteen minutes, and then change it to your left hand.

This would allow the body not to get used to carrying weight in one position, but would help other parts of the body to be active.

However, you can not condemn the fact of going to a gym or exercising. You can rather combine each of these activities with a little aerobic exercise, once or twice a week, or on weekends, everything will depend at the end, on our disposition.

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